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At The Vegan Town, we understand that purchasing reusable menstrual cups online is just one of the many vegan products your family needs.

Common Mistakes People Make Buying Moon Cups Online

The average woman uses ten thousand pads or tampons in her lifetime. Switching to a reusable moon cup saves money and the environment.

  • Incorrect size – Menstrual cups come in several sizes. Check company websites for size recommendations and try a couple of sizes to find the right fit for your body.
  • Not emptying the cup – Cups can be inserted for up to twelve hours but should be emptied more frequently. During heavy flow, empty your cup every two to four hours to avoid leakage.
  • Incorrect insertion – Incorrect insertion of your moon cup will result in discomfort and leaking. It may take a few tries to find the insertion technique that works best for your body. Detailed instructions are available.

It can take a couple of months to find the right technique. Stick with it and both your wallet and the environment will benefit.

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