Vegan Cafe Of The Week - Fruibies Organic Vegan Cafe

Oct 30 , 2019


Carissa Still

Vegan Cafe Of The Week - Fruibies Organic Vegan Cafe

Whether you're a local or heading up to Kuranda, Far North Queensland for a family holiday, Fruibies Organic Vegan Cafe is one place you cannot pass by without dropping in for a delicious feed or mouth watering smoothie.

Fruibies is food you will love, that will love you back. 

Fruibies Organic Vegan Cafe Smoothies | The Vegan Town


Spread over 2 locations in the heart of the Kuranda Village. Fruibies shop front cafe is at shop 16, 1-3 Therwine Street (across from the Tourist Information Centre) and their Juice Bar is tucked in behind the cafe inside the Kuranda Village Centre. 

We've spoken with Nicholas, the friendly owner of Fruibies to get all the deets for you! 

What is your personal favourite on the menu and why? 

Our smoothies are mind blowing! We have access to very high quality tropical fruits here in Far North Queensland and we hand select all our fruit for maximum ripeness and flavour. Our pure fruit smoothies have a depth of flavour and sweetness that is unparalleled. I also love our raw's so good!

Fruibies Organic Vegan Cafe Menu | The Vegan Town


What is the most popular choice for customers? 

Smoothies and fresh coconuts are our most popular items and our salads and wraps come a close second. Our new All is Possible Burger is creating waves too.

What are your price ranges? 

We are very reasonably priced in a range from $7-$16 per dish. Especially considering over 80% of our produce is organic.

Fruibies Organic Vegan Cafe Food | The Vegan Town


Do you have any regular specials and what are they? 

Yes. At the moment we have our famous loaded Mexican Roast Sweet Potato, Raw Pad Thai, Oil free Organic Dutch Cream potato chips and our amazing Housemade Burgers (raw and cooked both available).

Do you hold regular events?

Not yet but we are planning to open evenings in the near future with live performances and educational events.

What was your inspiration when opening Fruibies Organic Vegan Cafe?

Over 10 years ago after coming very close to death from severe diet and lifestyle related issues I switched to a predominantly raw plant based diet.This was life changing and continues to this day.

Three years ago I decided to share a lot of what I was experiencing and learning along the way with the world. As far as I could tell the world was and still is crying out for real food made by real people that not only tastes good but is genuinely nourishing, life supporting and good for the planet. Fruibies is unique.

The entire menu is based on local organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Everything is made from scratch in house using only the freshest whole foods, no oils, no sugars and no additives.

We focus on living foods with a particular emphasis on tropical fruits but have a diverse range of mouth watering salads, wraps and specialty dishes. Fruibies is definitely food that loves you back and I feel inspired and blessed to be able to make this offering.

Our entire business in vegan owned and operated. No compromises here. Our business is an extension of our lifestyles and reflects our values of compassion, abundance and sustainability. We care about our planet and our community and we serve mind blowing food made with love to make this world a better place.



  • 30 Oct 2019 zalan
    Clean, creative, compassionate and colourful eating here in Kuranda at last; prepared and served with love, joy and dedication. A truly inspiring and model menu for healthy eating choices. It is a pleasure to follow the beauty and unfolding inherent in the raw vegan way. Congratulations to Nicholas and the staff and helpers.

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